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This place is not a place of honour, no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here. Nothing valued is here.

Recent Notes

2024-03-19 time.cjc.im
2024-03-02 Real threats to Real People
2023-10-23 The Cyber Wallet
2023-10-19 RSS Fixed (maybe...)
2023-10-18 A breath of Fresh air from RSS
2023-10-18 The Perfect Machine
2022-02-23 The PinePDA
2022-02-20 PIM structure
2022-02-13 Should you buy an NFT
2022-02-04 PIM One year later
2022-01-04 PIM and Pinephone
2021-08-23 Another link dump...
2021-08-12 Some links related to Apple scanning photos...
2021-07-30 July 2021 Update
2021-07-22 A couple of links

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