Firefox privacy and settings

Jun 30, 2016 in #privacy #infosec

A guide on setting up Firefox for better privacy than default. This is mostly for the next time I have to set this up, ideally I need to write or use a pre-made user.js file that will do as much of this as possible.

Basic Settings

Settings in about:config

Disable Firefox Hello

In about:config, search for loop.enabled and set this to false, I guess the only way to get this sort of thing used in the current market is to bundle it by default. bad.

Disable Pocket

In about:config, search for pocket.enabled and set this to false. Should really be an addon, must have been paid a lot for this. Disable it!

Social nonsense

In about:config, search for social and set the booleans to false. Set the whitelist string to "".

Or, get a pre-made user.js

There are plenty of customer user.js files for firefox that store all your preferences instead of doing them manually like above such as at this one.


uBlock origin


Blocks adverts, not only for the reason of not seeing them, or saving bandwidth, or stopping tracking.. but also since advertisers are used to deliver malware as of late, that too! see Malvertising.


Stops social media sites such as facebook tracking you across the internet. Facebook tracks users regardless of if they are logged in or not. See here.

HTTPS Everywhere


Attempts to use SSL for sites known to support it to avoid using unencrypted connections.



Blacklist javascript from running, whitelist as required. Generally disruptive to web browsing, but better to be safe than sorry right?