N900 with PostmarketOS Round 2

Feb 21, 2018 in #minimalism #development

The Nokia N900 lives again!

Fed up of lugging a laptop with me for the occasional hax, I have rebuilt pmOS for the N900. Thanks to the brilliant developers who keep pushing the development for this 9-ish year old device I now have a little workstation I can either use the device standalone as a handheld, or plug in via USB to ssh into. Some people call this the perfect hardware... or at least I do.

I have previously attempted this with a RaspberryPi Zero W, which was great, but it didn't have a built in keyboard and screen or a battery. It did have a bit more ram than the N900's 256mb, but who's counting eh.

Given that I only use this in terminal mode, I have implemented my previous script that disables the display when the device is closed with the option of turning the screen on with the camera button if I want to have it monitoring things on my desk. See here for the details of this.

The bible of information is the wiki page on the postmarketos site.

ps. I wrote this on the device itself, what a world we live in!