Oct 08, 2019 in #onlooker #development #infosec

A project that I have been working on for close to a year is getting close to the stage that I want to offer it as a service to other people.

Since working in information security I've noticed a lot of things I tend to do are monitoring of various sorts. To this end, I started writing a collection of scripts that automates a lot of this allowing me to focus on other things. Over the course of the year, these quick hacked together scripts have become modules in a system.

Together, these modules can be used for monitoring for keywords of interest across various places on the internet for either purposes of detecting data leaks / breaches, to seeing an increase in chatter about a product. There are also a few modules that monitor domains. Some of the key modules are:

Onlooker monitors these and more, with more modules being added as quick as I can write them. Notifications can then happen via a few methods such as email, Slack, Discord or Microsoft Teams.

Currently, there is no interface to this, so it's a bit of a manual bit of work (I'll be working on that soon), however, if you're interested in helping me test this, slide into my DMs on twitter, or with the onlooker account.