Happy Halloween - No more librem5 for me

Oct 31, 2019 in #librem5 #minimalism

For now. Given the ongoing delays, and slow communications with the librem5 project from Purism, I've cancelled my pre-order (T_T). I came to this decision after several posts and twitter interactions suspecting the Aspen batch had not actually been shipped to any end users, which Purism confirmed towards the end of the Aspen shipping window.

For me, this is a real shame as I was quite hyped for the idea of a converged device where I could use it as a phone and portable terminal, but then plug into a dock / monitor with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combination to have a desktop like experience.

Since putting in the refund request (which was received within a couple of days) I feel like I have a hole in my heart for the hype train I was aboard. Hopefully when Purism release the product I may re-board the train and purchase one, but for now I don't think it will be ready for daily use for a while.

Happy Halloween 👻🎃💀