The search continues

Nov 09, 2019 in #librem5 #minimalism #ssg #development

I'm still looking for the dream machine after cancelling my Librem5 pre-order (which purism were very fast to deal with I must say). I just want the unatainable machine that can fill my needs without having a phone, a workstation and a tablet. This dream isn't going to be realised anytime soon. However I have recently discovered the fact that I can run Ubuntu Linux on the Nintendo Switch, which could fill the roll of a workstation and a tablet. I've managed to get it installed, but I have yet to really have a play.

Because the Switch has to be tethered to boot something custom each time, I am currently waiting for a tiny device to ship from China that will allow me to do this without having to have a laptop with me (which negates the idea of a small workstation / tablet).

Also I have changed the style of the website, and removed the advisories from the main page, these are still linked to however since a few are referenced on various CVE pages.