Automated cat feeder

Nov 23, 2019 in #development

The other weekend I was rudely awoken by two little bastards (my cats) wanting some food like the greedy little things they are. Whilst half asleep I decided that I could solve this problem, with the solution being I don't have to get out of bed at 5am on a weekend.

So, the obvious thing here, that has been done to death is the automated cat feeder, nothing special, it just has to dispense biscuits at a specific time (or remote controlled maybe in the future). Ok, I can do this, so I sketched up an idea:

A diagram sketch of the solution

Pretty simple, here's a list of what it required:

The software for controlling this was adapted from here as it was the first search result for "Raspberry Pi Servo" 👌

In the end, it was not a very pretty solution, but it worked and I get to sleep some time!

An animated GIF of the working prototype