LD018 - Databreaches and more

Dec 09, 2019 in #linkdump #infosec

A little late with this one, no one reads it so whatever. Also do they even need a title???

Trying to change the formating of these slightly as the list just looks a little rubbish compared to the rest of the style.

Millions of SMS messages exposed

Security Researchers discover a massive database containing millions of messages, most of which were sent from businesses to potential customers. Looks like it was an exposed database that was left without any credentials required. Good stuff. The database also contained credentials 🤯

Source: Techcrunch

Amazon's Ring becomes the scariest surveillance company

Part 1 of a Motherboard series about the "smart" doorbell company now owned by behemoth Amazon.

Source: Motherboard


Susam Pal loses their domain in a mixup as part of a botnet takedown

Source: susam.im

Japanese taxpayer data lost when drives sold online

Taxpayer's personal data was accidentally auctioned off when the drives containing the data was left un destroyed on leased drives

Source: nhk.org.jp

Evernote gave away user data to DEA

As part of an investigation, Evernote gave a suspect's data to aid as part of the investigation. Maybe don't use a service you don't control when performing illegal activities 🤷‍♂️

Source: Motherbpard

How does a cyber crime gang operate?

NCSC published a new report to help people understand how this business model works.

Source: NCSC