Onlooker Research 1 COVID

Nov 11, 2020 in #infosec #onlooker #development

Apologies, this post is image heavy...

Well, I tried to kill my side project, Onlooker, but popular demand has meant I haven't (aka some of my testing users want it still), so I am going to keep it going a little longer on a slightly better server.

I've added a feature, by way of using Puppeteer to run a headless browser, I can now take screenshots of websites.

With this, I've decided to monitor for specific keywords in domains, mostly found via the Certificate Transparency Log. This first post contains domains that are all related to COVID-19. What follows is a selection of interesting websites discovered by Onlooker over the course of a few days.


As you would expect, there is a lot of people trying to make money out of any situation.

Domains for sale

Similar to above, domains that are for sale that are related.

Hoax related

Not as many as I thought I would find, but there were some that were either hoax related, or just anti-restrictions


And now for my favorites, either porn related and a comedy domain. I've censored these for this post, but when I eventually provide a download for all these, the originals will stay

Until next time...