PIM and Pinephone

Jan 04, 2022 in #linkdump #infosec

I started writing this in October last year and it sat not being published since then...

I finally got my hands on a PinePhone!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I was (am?) sort of obssessed with the idea of running Linux on a phone. Despite the Nokia n900 being over 10 years old at this point, I still dust it off and install PostmarketOS. (It's died now, F)

What caused me to pull the trigger on the PinePhone was two fold, first was the SXMO interface, second was the keyboard case, which when released will turn the PinePhone into a modern PDA for me, resembling the legendary Psion Series 5.

I've managed to take the PIM system that I have been developing and create a shonky web interface that can be spawned by an SXMO userscript.