Real threats to Real People

Mar 02, 2024 in #infosec

or; I rant again about the industry...

Recently, a family member had their email address compromised. What transpired afterwards was dread, panic and a realisation for them that their email address is the key to the kingdom.

Working in the information security. or CYBER SECURITY, industry for the best part of a decade means that the above is obvious. But to a regular person who doesn't really give a shit about this sort of stuff it isn't quite as clear. Infact, the general response is "Why would anyone target me!?".

The cyber security industry is awash with threats from AI being the hot topic, but really, why not focus on the basics rather that the next fucking hype wave!? All these companies getting ransomwared has nothing to do with AI, it's lack of patching, or no MFA on accounts. Can we just NOT focus on the nonsense and focus on the real threat? please?

And then, people might start realising the important things rather than focusing on "Business robbed of millions due to AI voice cloning" instead of the reality of what is actually going on...



Had enough of this...