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2017-08-21 Link Dump
2017-08-17 GDPR for Dummies Part 0 - Introduction
2017-08-10 Link Dump
2017-07-20 Link Dump
2017-07-17 Docker Compose for Wordpress
2017-07-14 Stripping down vimrc
2017-07-12 Style changes to pride
2017-07-12 Added 2nd CVE and moved host
2017-07-10 Link Dump
2017-06-30 Link Dump
2017-06-21 Link Dump
2017-04-17 Writing a text editor
2017-02-27 Wallabys Nightmare Walkthrough
2017-02-13 My First CVE
2017-01-30 Minimal Keyboard or how small can we go
2017-01-23 Images on Posts
2016-11-22 Infosec Weekly
2016-11-21 wp-plugin-downloader DOES work on WSL
2016-11-18 Windows Subsystem for Linux
2016-11-16 Infosec Weekly
2016-11-14 Posts can now be tagged
2016-11-14 Adding the ability to tag posts with ssg
2016-11-13 Being able to post more than once
2016-11-13 Some updates to the static site generator
2016-11-11 Minimal Viable Computer 2
2016-10-26 A Walkthrough of my vimrc
2016-09-09 Bullet Journal
2016-08-10 More automation on the plugin downloader
2016-07-27 Plugin Download now remembers past plugins
2016-07-19 Wordpress and MySQL with Docker
2016-07-14 wp-plugin-downloader can either search or get newest
2016-07-07 Tiny shell script to download WP plugins
2016-07-05 Vulnerability and Advisory log
2016-06-30 Firefox privacy and settings
2016-06-29 Convinience and the need for speed
2016-06-28 Lighttpd and Lets Encrypt
2016-06-20 Docker tor client
2016-06-10 Ransomware, or Why I am on the wrong side
2016-06-08 The Intel Compute Stick lives
2016-05-29 The internet of shit
2016-05-28 static site generator source now on github
2016-05-26 Minimal viable computer
2016-05-19 minimalism is dead, long live minimalism
2016-05-08 Finally added some minor theming
2016-05-02 Studying for CISSP
2016-05-01 The honeypots continue to provide
2016-04-18 Some hits on the honeypot
2016-04-09 New VPS for a new Honeypot
2016-04-05 Changes to how pages are linked
2016-04-04 Why I chose to write and use a static site generator
2016-04-03 Bit of a folder structure change
2016-04-02 OpenBSD running the static site generator
2016-04-01 Another day another post - Installing OpenBSD
2016-03-31 Only recent posts on front page
2016-03-30 Minimal static site generator
2015-08-25 Another round of httpd logging on a server
2015-08-18 Running the honeypot VPS on a non-standard port
2015-07-02 Running denyhosts on the honeypot
2015-05-24 Another weeks worth of logs from my honeypot VPS
2015-05-03 I trawled through the logs of the honeypot vps
2015-04-29 I bought a cheap vps to log what interactions it had