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Nov 22, 2016 in #infosec

SIP has been shipping disabled on some Macbook Pros

System Integrity Protection is a mechanism that has been shipping with MacOS (Previously, Mac OSX) that would stop specific files being altered, even by the root user in order to prevent any malicious changing of them. Whilst it is possible users can disable this, it was generally seen as good for most beyond some power users. The new-fangled Touch Bar enabled Macbook Pros have been shipping with this feature disabled in some circumstances. Apple will release a patch soon.

Source: (Apple Insider)[]

Outlook 365 email spoof

A security researcher discovered that outlook 365 was signing forwarded emails that came from a spoofed with it's own DKIM key (DomainKeys Identified Mail). This would mean that email applications such as gmail would display a small verified lock against an email that came via this path allowing someone to create a convincing phishing email from Microsoft. This was patched in October 2016.

Source: (Security Week)[]

Major Twitter accounts compromised

Several high profile Twitter accounts started sending out spam tweets. The exact method of compromise has not been release.

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Siemens joins the Internet of Shit crowd...

Siemens CCTV Camera had a publically accessible URL that contained the device password allowing anyone to remotely control and compromise the device.