Onlooker Research 2 US Elections

Nov 17, 2020 in #infosec #onlooker #development


Collection of just over 3000 screenshots of domains related to the US election of 2020.


Because it's interesting to see what domains are registered based on current events, and there are some amusing discoveries. I noticed that there are significantly more Trump related domains than there were Biden, perhaps he is just more interesting?


My side project, onlooker, monitors for several things such as DNS changes, potential hostile domains for your brand etc. I wanted to test in-line screenshoting and monitoring for keywords rather than just pure domains. All of the included screenshots are from domains that have been discovered on the certificate transparency log.


The basic idea here, was to select some keywords that were related to the two main contenders of the US Election and see what happened, I didn't expect to find so many in such a short time. The test ran from November the 3rd 2020 until November the 16th 2020.

The keywords were:

After collecting all the screenshots, I used a few patterns as below to remove a LOT of false positives.


I will be seeding this for the foreseeable future :) Be warned I have NOT removed any adult or offensive content that may have appeared on these domains.

If you find this interesting please hit me up on twitter @i_am_cjc or even consider sending me a few cash dollars to encourage me to do this sort of thing for other future events here <3

Until next time...